Grab a Roman getaway at five-star Margutta 19

Donated by Alberto Moncada

“I am a sucker for those old traditional places, and Rome is as good as it gets, particularly when you throw in Italian food.”

—Roger Federer

Can I get an AMEN?

There’s no question about it, Rome is as good as it gets. And so is Margutta 19. Luxury boutique hotels are all the rage now. In fact, TripAdvisor’s latest pick for the best hotel in Paris is a boutique hotel. The Ritz and the George V must be shellshocked. Well, Margutta 19 is in the same class, a real gem tucked away in Rome’s historic center, just a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps. Margutta 19 was built in a palazzo, on the scenic Via Margutta, known as “the artists’ street.” There you’ll be able to kick back in five-star comfort. The hotel combines high-end Italian contemporary design with a serene elegance—a haven waiting for you when you return from a day wandering the streets of the Eternal City. Owned and managed by Aiglon alum Alberto Moncada di Paternò, this elegant property sits across the street from [legendary filmmaker] Federico Fellini’s old apartment. And in Roman Holiday, Joe Bradley (played by Aiglon dad and granddad Gregory Peck) lived on the Via Margutta. Once upon a time, reportedly, so did Picasso. And Stravinski. And Debussy. And Liszt. And Puccini. And Wagner. Now, with the winning bid, you get to take your place among the giants, if only for a day.

Here’s what Condé Nast Traveller had to say about Margutta 19:

Arches and patterned floor tiles, flowers stood so perfectly in their vases they must be on the payroll, and a golden light falling just right on the cobbles outside. Nothing is left to chance in Margutta 19. Even dust doesn’t fall where it’s not supposed to. Let’s make no bones about it, Margutta 19 is an expensive hotel, but it works hard to make itself worth the price, and the guests expect nothing less.

Dinner at Assaggia


Dinner is at the hotel’s award-winning gourmet restaurant, Assaggia, managed by Michelin-starred chef Angelo Troiani. Last Year, the prestigious Gambero Rosso (Italy’s answer to the Michelin Guide), which rates Italy’s best restaurants, gave Assaggia a remarkable two awards: FIRST in New Innovative Restaurant Concepts and FIRST in Quality to Value.

You can find the Margutta 19 website HERE.

One night in a luxury suite and dinner for two. Donated by Alberto Moncada di Paternò. Value: €700.

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