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“Wow, would you look at that!”

 It’s what people often say when they spy something intriguing or extraordinary. We think that’s an apt reaction to many of the offerings in next summer’s FOAC auction. Hosted by and our own gavel-pounding auctioneer Simon Kidston, our online and live auctions feature some truly outstanding items, donated by the school and Aiglon alumni. And then there are lots of other things you may be able to grab at bargain prices. Scroll down to take a look at a selection of our more interesting items. You’ll soon be able to go to Bidding For Good to view the whole array. Proceeds benefit Aiglon’s scholarship initiatives.


Aiglon Summer School. ’Nuff said.

This is no ordinary camp. It’s THE camp—a two-week program on our mountain for children and teens (ages 8–17). The agenda includes language learning, all sorts of outdoor and indoor activities, and frolicking through the Alps. BTW: where was that Aiglon banana boat when we were in school? (see the video on the Information Page). Donated by Aiglon College.

Summer Hiking in Switz.jpg

A Luxury Villa in Bali

You just have to see it to believe it—your own luxury villa overlooking the crystal water of the Lombok Strait. Beautifully appointed rooms. A personal staff. And a private infinity pool and beach. A Siri Mendira Beach Villa is the nec plus ultra on an island that Trip Advisor calls “a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy.” For more info click here. Donated by Siri Müller Preststulen.

Siri 1.jpg

Serious Winter Fun in Utah

Spend a week in a fabulous condo in the Village at Sugarplum in Alta/Snowbird, Utah—just a short walk from the lifts. Season after season, Alta has some of the best snow in the world, and you can’t beat the ambience. To check it out, click here. Donated by Nick Besobrasov and Gerald Taylor.


Hanging out with giant Sequoias 

It turns out that Nipper von Wiesenberger has a ranch in Springville, California, just outside Sequoia National Forest. Who knew? Anyway, he’s offered to let some lucky bidder(s) stay there for a week to stand tall in the redwood forests, chill, and enjoy the spectacular scenery. More info soon.